Make it possible to swim with Dolphins while you are on a Spanish Vacation

Published: 15th July 2010
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Swimming with dolphins is not allowed in Spain. Ecotourism groups in Spain do this to ensure that the dolphins remain protected from the human interface. This is a solid reason that accounts for people not being allowed to swim with these marvelous creatures. However there are some places in Spain such as Selwo Marina near Malaga where the dolphins are present. Though you are not allowed to swim with them either but it is absolutely legal to swim with sea lions that are presented in the same water. Similarly there are plenty of dolphins present in Puerto Marina in Benalmadena where it is possible to see schools of the dolphins swirling merrily through water.

There are a lot of options that can be tried if dolphins are the creatures that attracts you. The first way is making yourself satisfied by viewing the dolphins from the Atlantic coast of Spain. A lot of excursion companies sponsor trips for dolphin-Sighting wherein you can see the dolphins engaged in playing and other activities in their natural habitat.

Taking a boat trip in the Canary Islands will also introduce you to dolphin viewing. The bottlenose, spotted, rough toothed and common dolphins can be easily found here. This is because of presence of warm water in the area.

However if swimming with dolphins is something that is on your must do list, you may have to try something that is possible and at the same time is also legal. It is possible to swim with dolphins in the captivities that are present in Portugal's Zoomarine Park. You may be surprised at how come it is possible to access this park but Albufeira, South Portugal -- the area where this Zoomarine part is present is only few hours of distance from Malaga Spain and the officials here allow you to venture into enclosed area that have dolphins.

Dolphins here are kept in captivity, properly enclosed so that you can get closer to them, much closer than you can do in wild. You also have an instructor along who will keep you guiding in regard with or touching the dolphins. You will be able to intermingle with these marvelous creatures while swimming and viewing them. There is no better way of appreciating dolphins than being in close proximity with them. Do not unnecessarily try to swim with dolphins inside Spain, it is absolutely illegal.

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